Crosswords XXL

The biggest crossword challenge in App Store!
– 30 crosswords of 20×20, 120 words average.
– 20 crosswords of 30×30, 275 words average.
– 10 crosswords of 40×40, 475 words average.
– 5 crosswords of 50×50, 800 words average.

In Crosswords XXL you can easily select between the horizontal or the vertical definition of a square, select the desired typography among more than 12 different models of letters, check if a given answer is correct, quickly delete the wrong letters, and even reveal the correct words whenever you need them or undo your last movements. You can also save the game and see how long it took you to solve it. All that involved in a visually attractive game experience. Moreover, it comes with social network connections, so you can follow us through Facebook and Twitter.

If you like crosswords puzzles, this is the application for you. Download it and you will discover that the best way to have hours of enjoyment is by doing them.